SLSV Newsletter for Sep/Oct 2017

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            As the 2017 year is coming to an end and the Festive Season approaches, I look back at the year and see a great deal of Projects, Works and Administration which been successfully completed by a number of dedicated members. I would take this opportunity to express my thanks to all whom have given up their time to keep the Club looking smart and safely operational.

The new Council Lease for SLSV grounds has been successfully completed and signed, giving SLSV a further nine-year term. New signalling is being installed at the Elevated Track departure station and coal bunker area to improve operations. This shall be completed for the December Public Run. The Landscaping works for the “Great Northern Desert” adjacent to the GLT turn table has had Scoria Rock laid and trees replanted giving an open view to the park.

The Christmas Luncheon is planned for the 9th December along with the Marcus T. Trophy judging and presentation.

  As you can see from all the above a great deal of work has taken place in the last period, and I would take this opportunity to thank all members who helped make this happen.

The next round of Projects is on the drawing board and when finalize shall be put up for discussion.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


Lance R.

SLSV President