SLSV Newsletter for Jul/Aug 2017

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Since the last report major projects have been started and are well under way.
The alterations to the GLT track from the turntable has been started with a full description of
the works to be undertaken outlined later in this BWN.
May I offer my thanks to the David S. and crew for an excellent and dedicated volume
of work undertaken to date.
The signalling in the above area has had the new conduits installed and completed. Cabling
has been installed and the new junction box on the north wall of the coal bunker terminated
and is complete. The seven old signal heads have been refurbished and installed awaiting connections.
The chalk board in the Club House has been updated with an electronic format in the
form of a new flat screen smart television mounted on the wall of the Club House.
This unit has been programmed with current forth coming events, and can be updated on a
regular basis. This above unit has the ability to display photo collections and run DVD’s.
A delivery of one and quarter tonne Welsh Coal was delivered and stored in the Coal
Bunker. This shall be distributed into the new Coal Bunkers currently under construction.
The Water Fountain is currently undergoing refurbishment and is well under way, returning
soon to its former glory for all to enjoy.
On Thursday 20th July 2017 the Silver Tops Luncheon was held with 24 people taking
part in a delicious lunch and good company.
Thank you to all those members who give up their time to help keep our Club in top


Lance R.

SLSV President