SLSV Newsletter for Sep/Oct 2017

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Since the last report major projects have been completed.

           The alterations to the GLT track from the turntable are now complete and fully operational with the September Public run being the first use. All went well and a more efficient use of the Goods Yard area proved worthwhile. The new signalling in the above area is now also complete and operational.
The new smart television is a great success showing many photos of Locos and Club grounds from the past and present, along with forth coming events.
The 5 new coal bunkers are finished and placed around the grounds. These have been loaded with the new delivery of Welsh Coal and ready for use.
The new Council Lease for SLSV grounds is under review by the Executive Committee and shall shortly be complete and ready for signature.
As you can see from all the above a great deal of work has taken place in the last period, and I would take this opportunity to thank all members who helped make this happen.
The next round of Projects is on the drawing board and when finalize shall be put up for discussion.


Lance R.

SLSV President